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Oste’s cuisine is strongly connected to the flavors and the traditions of Sicily. The simplicity and the goodness of the ingredients are the cornerstones which our idea of catering is based on.

Traditional recipes have been reworked with great creativity and art in which the little manipulation of the components exalts their genuineness and their taste. The constant research for high quality raw materials is the basis of the Oste’s philosophy, which results in collaboration with the best local producers, providing fresh raw materials, zero kilometer (produced and traded locally) and always in line with seasonality, without however precluding the use of ingredients, the excellence of other regions, the bark of the Mediterranean diet.


The recipes ideated and created by our Chef find their roots in traditional cuisine, which maintains flavors and genuineness without sacrificing a touch of creativity and innovation.

The raw materials, researched and selected among the best the regional and national market can offer, blend synergistically with each other, offering, in every dish, an explosion of taste.

A unique passion, that moves everything and keeps regenerating day by day. This allows the whole staff to be always motivated and ready, like well-oiled gears of a mechanism.